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K&W Receives “Employer of the Year 2010” Designation from Goodwill

Read Goodwill's statement below: Helping people succeed is just part of the culture at K&W Cafeteria, this years Employer of the Year. K&W has partnered with Goodwill for several years to provide training opportunities for Goodwill clients and most recently participated in Goodwill's Summer Youth Program, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, by providing a site for youth in the Food Service program to gain work experience. K&W's commitment to Goodwill and the community as a whole does not stop there. A number of Goodwill graduates have been ...

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K&W Receives Prestigious Customer Satisfaction Award

K&W Cafeterias has been honored by Celebration Media, US (CMUS) and Talk of the Town News as a recipient of their prestigious “Talk of the Town” award for Excellence in Customer Satisfaction in 2011. The Talk of the Town Awards recognizes a host of businesses and professionals who have been noted by their customers through multiple websites, blogs, and social networks for their excellent customer service. CMUS is headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan, and the company’s mission is to uncover the most highly rated businesses and spotlight their achievements ...

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K&W in Raleigh Receives “Employer of the Year” Award

Congratulations to our Cameron Village and Tower Marketplace locations! K&W was honored by StepUP Ministry of Raleigh with their “2011 Employer of the Year” Award, presented by Angela Coleman, Employment Manager of StepUp Ministry to Chris Costa, General Manager of the K&W Cameron Village location. Over the period of 2009 through 2011, K&W Cafeterias’ two Raleigh locations have hired over twenty-four Job Readiness Program Graduates from the StepUp Ministry, according to Ms. Coleman. StepUp Ministry is a 501c(3) non-profit organization that provides ...

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Myrtle Beach K&W Goes Above and Beyond

Hats off to the employees of K&W's 79th Ave. N. location in Myrtle Beach for going above and beyond. We received the following note from a K&W Customer in Myrtle Beach: Dear K&W: Last Thursday my Father made the decision to go off of life support. Before he did, he had two requests of my Sister. One was for a piece of K&W's coconut cream pie. His request came at a time when the K&W at 79th Ave. N, was in the cleanup phase between breakfast and lunch. My Sister was able to get someone to the door and explained the situation to them. They very graciously ...

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