Party Platters To-Go

Our party trays are an easy way to get your party started. Whether it’s a family gathering, a game party, an office party or anything in-between, K&W has you covered with a variety of party trays.

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Chicken Wings, Bone in 29.99

Buffalo Wing tray25 wings, mild, med, or hot w/celery and blue cheese or ranch

Chicken Wings, Boneless 29.99

Boneless Wings25 wings, mild, med, or hot w/celery and blue cheese or ranch

Chicken Bites 29.99

Chicken Bites30 bites w/celery, BBQ sauce, honey mustard, or ranch

Fruit Platter 29.99

Platter Fruit Tray 8-13Strawberries, grapes, honeydew, cantaloupe and pineapple, serves 10-15

Cheese Platter 39.99

Platter Cheese Tray 8-13Swiss, American, and mozzarella w/crackers & grapes, serves 10-15

Mini Wraps  24.99

Platter Wrap Ham n Turkey 8-1316 mini-wraps w/ham & turkey, lettuce, cheese, and ranch
*Breakfast wraps available upon request

Mini Sliders 29.99

Platter Mini Slider 8-1315 ham, turkey, or roast beef on mini rolls

Mini Biscuits 29.99

Platter Mini Biscuits Ham n Saus 8-1315 ham or sausage on mini biscuits

Muffin Platter 15.99

Platter Muffins 8-1312 muffins, choice of blueberry, oat bran, sweet potato or banana nut

Cookie Platter 15.99

Platter Cookie Tray 8-1324 cookies, chocolate chip, sugar, or both

Vegetable Platter 24.99

Platter Vegetables 8-13Variety of vegetables with ranch dressing, serves 10-15

Deviled Egg Platter 24.99

12 deviled eggs, cut in half (24)

Big 5 Party Platter 99.95

big 5 party platterReplaces Tailgater. Serves 10 to 15. 5 of our Party Platters make a meal for 10 to 15 persons!  Perfect for home parties or tailgating. Your choice of Buffalo Chicken Wings or Chicken Bites PLUS a Fruit Platter, Vegetable Platter, Mini Slider Platter and Cookie Platter.

Wing Feast 59.95

Platter Wing Feast 8-14Serves 9–11. Includes 50 wings, three 1-quart sides, 10 biscuits and 1 gal beverage.