Eat Seasonally This Spring

spring harvest fruits&veggiesWhile many of your favorite fruits and vegetables may be available in the supermarket, they might not necessarily be in prime season. At K&W we try to provide the freshest food possible, so we want to share with you popular items that are actually being harvested during the spring months! Stay tuned for which foods remain in-season for summer and see what new fruits and veggies are added.




Vegetable                        In Season                         Fruit                                In Season

Artichokes                          March-June                        Avocados                            March-June

Asparagus                          March-June                        Grapefruit                           March-April

Beets                                    March-June                        Lemons                               March-June

Broccoli                               March-June                        Limes                                  March-April

Brussels Sprouts               March-May                         Mandarins                          March-May

Cabbage                              March-June                        Oranges                               March-June

Carrots                                March-June                        Plums                                   May-June

Cauliflower                         March-June                        Apricots                               May-June

Collards                               March-June                        Rhubarb                              April-June

Kale                                      March-June                        Strawberries                       March-June

Lettuce                                March-June                        Blackberries                        May-June

Mushrooms                        March-June                        Blueberries                         May-June

Onions                                 March-June                        Cherries                               April-June

Radishes                             March-June                        Figs                                        June

Rutabagas                          March-April                        Melons                                  June

Spinach                               March-June                        Nectarines                          May-June

Turnips                                March-June                        Peaches                               May-June

Cucumbers                         June                                      Raspberries                        May-June

Corn                                    June

Eggplant                             June

Green Beans                      June

Okra                                    June

Peas                                     April-June

Sweet Peppers                  May-June

Potatoes                             June

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