This K&W Manager thought he was just helping a few students, but it turned into so much more…

“K&W Cafeterias is an Equal Employment Opportunity company built on reputation. K&W is already a part of the community because of our deep roots in family tradition. I just try to take that commitment to the next level by actively tapping into the community around me. It’s about giving someone a chance when no one else will. I don’t see gender, race, color, or disability. I see possibility.” – Daniel Holder

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The Randolph County Mayors Committee for Disabled Persons has awarded K&W’s Asheboro, NC location with “Employer of the Year Award.” This is all thanks to the extraordinary efforts of Daniel Holder, General Manager in Asheboro, NC. Why is Daniel so different? He takes a usual management responsibility: hiring staff – and uses it as a platform to help everyone to see beyond ‘limitations.’

Daniel began networking with Southwestern Randolph High School when he heard about a program they had for students with disabilities, including Downs Syndrome and Autism. The program allowed these students to work for 2 hours every Monday, earning school credits in exchange. All Daniel expected to get
was satisfaction that these students are benefitting from some great real-life experience, but what he actually got was so much more.

The experience he had with this program lead him to hire other employees with disabilities. It didn’t take long for these workers to become stellar role models at the restaurant. A dishwasher with developmental disabilities earned employee of the month after only 30 days! A cashier with paraplegia earned more positive feedback from customers than Daniel has ever witnessed!

Daniel plans to grow his outreach efforts every year, and hopes that the positive feedback will continue.

To show your support for Daniel Holder, come join him as he accepts this award! The ceremony will be November 2nd 2015 at the Courthouse in downtown Asheboro, NC @ 6:00pm. See you there!


K&W cares about being the best place to work in North Carolina. There are always openings available, so if you or someone you know wants to join the K&W family, visit the career page on the K&W website.



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