Gift Cards Are Better: The 12 Worst Gifts Ever

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The holidays are a time for togetherness and celebration. When it comes to gift-giving, it is certainly the thought that counts. But have you ever opened a gift and wondered, “what were they thinking?”

If only someone had given them this piece of advice: Just get a gift card instead.


Here are the 12 worst Christmas Gifts that will have you wishing you got a K&W gift card instead:


1.Cleaning Products

cleaning products















Unless it’s you offering to come clean my house, I don’t want it, even if it is organic.














…But who doesn’t need socks? *cue look of disappointment across face*



3.Bathroom Scale










Just to torture the person throughout the entire year..



4. Homemade Gifts













I still have the fruit cake you made me last year. I should probably do something with that…



5. Drums








Unless they come with a sound-proof room.



6. Sweaters

Ugly Sweater 1










Ugly sweaters are one thing, but that sweater from a family member who hasn’t seen you since you were 10 will *probably* be too small.



7. A New Car

new car







Just kidding. I will gladly take this any day.



8. Membership to ‘Jelly of the Month Club’









I love jelly, but I was really counting on that Christmas bonus…



9. Loudest Toy/Most Breakable Toy

tickle me elmo









Some are loud; Some break repeatedly. If it possesses both qualities, please get me a gift card instead.



10. Another tie

opening tie







“Oh, you shouldn’t have, honey! Really…”



11. Gag gifts

gag gift









Because of you, now things like this actually exist.



12. Getting nothing at all










You can’t help but make this face… because you got them an expensive gift.


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If you find yourself looking at the list above and thinking, “Oh, that would be perfect for ___,” let us help. Get a K&W gift card instead.



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