K&W Family Feature: 29 Years and Counting

Cynthia Burt has been a long time member of the K&W team. Starting her career back in 1986, she has been at the Cameron Village K&W in Raleigh ever since. Her dedication shows just how important she is to the K&W family!Cynthia Burt - Cameron Vill

Cynthia’s daily routine consists of set-ups in the kitchen, preparing the restaurant for a day of serving delicious food to our patrons. Without her keeping everything on track in the kitchen, we wouldn’t be able to provide the quick, convenient service K&W is known for. She is the glue that keeps everyone and everything together, and we couldn’t get through the day without her! And when she’s not setting up the kitchen, Cynthia is also an excellent line server. Friendly and efficient!

Cynthia is a joy to work with and just another reason K&W is such a special place! If you know someone who works with K&W that deserve to be recognized, let us know. We love to show our appreciation for the people who work so hard to keep K&W running.

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