K&W Family Feature: “A little hard work never hurt anyone.”

Concord - Ms Jo Walters 2-15Ms. Jo brought her wonderful presence to the K&W family in 1976! She started at the original K&W Cafeteria location in the Concord Mall, when an order of chicken and dumplings was only $1.10. When she started, Gerald Ford was president; and she has now seen 7 different presidents take office while working for K&W.

Ms. Jo has a wonderful spirit and is no stranger to hard work. She started out working for K&W six days a week. And she drove a school bus while also working full time at K&W in her early years as an employee. As she says, “A little hard work never hurt anyone.” And she is certainly a testament to that.

While serving on the line over the years, she got acquainted with many NASCAR superstars including Darrell Waltrip and his family. Ms. Jo says they loved K&W and used to come through the line several times a week, always looking forward to seeing her smiling face. Jo is also dear friends with the late Dale Earnhardt’s mother, Martha, who still dines at the Concord K&W on a regular basis. Outside of K&W, Jo and Martha also attend church together.

Just about everyone in Concord knows Ms. Jo, and we are so proud that she is still a part of the K&W family after all these years! She is just another reason why K&W is such a special place. If you know someone who works with K&W that deserve to be recognized, let us know. We love to show our appreciation for the people who work so hard to keep K&W running.

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