K&W Family Feature: Community Service Close to the Heart

Our employees are a huge part of the overall K&W experience each customer receives when visiting. Many of these staff members have been with us over 30 or even 40 years, and because of them the mission and vision of K&W is kept alive. Because of their support, dedication, and excellent service they have become part of the K&W family.


Meet Nancy, who was hired as a cashier and has worked at both our Crossroads and Salem locations in Roanoke, VA.  Nancy currently works as our breakfast cashier and she continues to help us out where help is needed.  Nancy is a dedicated employee who sometimes goes above and beyond her work at K&W.  She has been known to occasionally help our customers in need by purchasing clothing, food, and even school supplies when needed. Special “Thanks” to Nancy for all of her hard work and service to K&W and for caring about our customers.


Another interesting piece of information about Nancy is that she knows 8 out of 10 customers on a first name basis – share with us what cashiers you love and we will be sure to tell the rest of our K&W community!

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