Five K&W Fun Facts You Didn’t Know

1. K&W Buys Local | K&W buys locally grown ingredients whenever we can. No shipping in of stale, frozen food items. We work closely with North Carolina’s “Got to be NC” program and place a strong emphasis on purchasing freshness and quality from local growers.

2. Made-From-Scratch Daily | Ever wonder how long something has been sitting there? The delicious food choices we present to our customers are made from scratch in small batches throughout the day. This means it will be fresh when you get it and we can minimize waste and keep our costs down. It’s a smart way of doing business and you can’t get any fresher than that!

3. Providing Heart-Healthy Choices | Not all southern comfort food has to have a high butter and fat content to be delicious. K&W has partnered with the Heart Center Dining Program of Wake Forest Baptist Health to develop recipes lower in fat grams, sodium, and calories. Just look for the little heart icon on the menus when you’re looking for a satisfying healthy meal.

4. Nutritional Information is Readily Available | Keeping the health of our customers in mind, K&W provides nutritional information for our food items, online; with specific heart healthy items highlighted in pink. Curious as to what exactly you would be eating? You can always check out our Nutritional Charts.

5. Several Locations Serve Breakfast | Although not available at all locations, it’s sure worth a trip! Talk about variety! From farm-fresh eggs cooked to order, made-from-scratch daily biscuits, pastries, pancakes and waffles to in-season fruits and all the breakfast meats and sides you could want — a K&W breakfast is a scrumptious adventure! See if a K&W near you serves breakfast!

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