K&W Receives “Employer of the Year 2010” Designation from Goodwill

Read Goodwill’s statement below:

Helping people succeed is just part of the culture at K&W Cafeteria, this years Employer of the Year. K&W has partnered with Goodwill for several years to provide training opportunities for Goodwill clients and most recently participated in Goodwill’s Summer Youth Program, funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, by providing a site for youth in the Food Service program to gain work experience.

K&W’s commitment to Goodwill and the community as a whole does not stop there. A number of Goodwill graduates have been hired as K&W employees, where they have the opportunity to continue their careers with a company who sincerely wants to help them succeed.

Patrick Michaels, Goodwill’s President and CEO, does not underestimate the importance of companies like K&W to Goodwill’s job training and placement programs. Without the support of businesses in the community who are willing to provide employment opportunities, Goodwill would be unable to accomplish our mission.

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