Myrtle Beach K&W Goes Above and Beyond

Hats off to the employees of K&W’s 79th Ave. N. location in Myrtle Beach for going above and beyond.

We received the following note from a K&W Customer in Myrtle Beach:

Dear K&W:
Last Thursday my Father made the decision to go off of life support. Before he did, he had two requests of my Sister. One was for a piece of K&W’s coconut cream pie. His request came at a time when the K&W at 79th Ave. N, was in the cleanup phase between breakfast and lunch. My Sister was able to get someone to the door and explained the situation to them. They very graciously took the time to fulfilll Dad’s request.

Please pass on to the staff of that site and the management of K&W, our gratitude for the kindness they showed during this time of need.

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