Top 10 Reasons Not to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Yourself

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Thanksgiving: It’s a picture painted with beautiful fall colors, happy family gatherings, and abundant food. Want the nostalgia of a home-cooked meal but don’t want the stress of cooking for the whole family? Guess what – you can have it all!

K&W Catering offers Thanksgiving Feasts To-Go that will feed anywhere from 6 to 20 people, depending on your size gathering!


Here is a list of reasons that will get you thinking “maybe I don’t have to cook this year…”

Top 10 Reasons Not to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Yourself
and get a K&W Feast to-go



10. Prepping days in advance
Most people begin about 3 days ahead to prep and cook every dish, thaw the turkey, etc… yet it takes less than 10 minutes to eat! The math doesn’t work out.








9. Knowing where your turkey comes from
Not sure where the grocery store turkeys are raised, or how much sodium is in them? We would rather not indulge that mystery. K&W gets their turkey locally in North Carolina from a farm called Prestage Farms. With K&W Feasts to-go, your family can enjoy hand-carved white and dark meat, guilt-free.

They are family owned and operated out of Clinton, NC:

locally raised turkey










8. You’re not a good cook
What if you aren’t the best cook? It’s okay to admit it. Everybody remembers the dry turkey from the Christmas Vacation movie – no family should go through that. K&W roasts a turkey to juicy perfection every time!

griswold gif









7. You would rather relax
Forget about being good or bad at cooking – what if you just want to relax instead? There’s no shame in that! If you’re most thankful for your family this season, and would rather spend time with them than over a hot stove- you deserve it! Let K&W do the hard work this year. Now your only job will be to eat, nap, and watch football. Where do we sign up?

family relaxing on thanksgiving









6. No grocery shopping
The only leg work you need to do is call (48 hours in advance) and schedule pick up when it is most convenient for you. No more fighting for the last 16lb turkey, no standing in line for a baked ham. We will take care of it!

K&W To Go Customer scene










5. You can have time for shopping
If you’re into shopping, but only the fun kind: Stores are starting to introduce Thanksgiving Day Sales, instead of waiting until Black Friday. Shopping on a holiday isn’t for everyone, but for avid deal-hunters – it’s an opportunity to seize!

Plus, there won’t be crowds like this:

thanksgiving carry out












4. The cost is the same
Forbes recently cited findings from The American Farm Bureau Federation: The average cost of a Thanksgiving dinner is $49.04. This is about $5 a plate for a group of 10. (Except this meal didn’t even include mashed potatoes – an unforgivable crime in our eyes!)

Now imagine the cost being practically the same and you didn’t have to invest 3 days of cooking. Our Feasts to-go are as low as $5.75 per person. We hope you are nodding your head right about now, because we are too.

money saving tips














3. No one will know! (unless you want them to) All food at K&W is made from scratch with fresh ingredients, just like you would do in your own kitchen. Just transfer to your favorite serving dishes, and it’ll be our secret!

Turkey and Dressing with Cran













2. Easy clean up – Goodbye to mounds of dirty dishes! With no pans to clean, you won’t have to fight over who does the clean up. Everything comes packed in aluminum disposable containers.

Because no one doing dishes ever looked like this:
thanksgiving dinner









1.You just really love K&W cooking

K&W is a lot like a family – our customers grew up eating in our cafeterias; many of our employees spend their careers working for us. Introduce a new family tradition this year by enjoying our homestyle cooking in the comfort of your own home. We would be honored!

coconut cream pie










K&W has many different To-Go options. Visit our menus and give us a call!

Everything needed for a Thanksgiving Dinner: Feasts To-Go 
Or you can make your own meal by getting Individual Items To-Go
Remember to grab a Cake or Pie To-Go as well – no Thanksgiving is complete without one!

Order at your local K&W Cafeteria 48 hours in advance! You schedule your meal to be ready for pick up whenever you are planning to eat, so no re-heating is required!




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6 Replies to "Top 10 Reasons Not to Cook Thanksgiving Dinner Yourself"

  • David Ryser
    November 16, 2015 (5:23 pm)

    Don’t know how many times the K&W cafeteria in Chapel Hill serves Swai fish, but we had it for lunch and it was one of the best prepared tasting fish I’ve eaten in a long time. The Chief cooked us two since there was only one left, and also closing time. That was super service, Wish I had his name, to thank him on line.This was on 11/16/2015 2:15 PM

  • Barbara
    November 17, 2015 (10:21 am)

    Can one purchase an already baked turkey (whole) and baked ham. Both not carved.

  • Joy Jones
    November 20, 2015 (11:14 am)

    What time is K&W opening for Thanks Giving supper ?

    November 21, 2015 (9:31 pm)

    hate that after mess and to tird to enjoy it. and if I had the money I would go Winston salem and eat but no money this year my social surety check is spent paying bills I am a widow. love the knw so much great taste good services and yum yum.

  • William Watson
    November 22, 2015 (6:29 pm)

    Will you have baked potatos availbale on Thanksgiving?

  • Boyer Richardson
    January 7, 2016 (8:50 pm)

    Richmond ,Virginia is becoming a” food city” according to the news media. Big problem there is no place to eat good basic food like K&W. I have sent cards, notes, and maybe emails over the last few years, but you still have not expanded into this area.

    The west end area, know as Short Pump, is a major growth area and ripe for your product. Do a survey and see the potential. There is also areas across the James River that would also welcome your every day, like Mom’s home cooking.

    We have eaten in all of the Virginia units, Roanoke one of the best, and a number in both North and South Carolina and never have had a problem nor a disappointment.

    Tanks and come on up,

    Boyer Richardson

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