What has K&W seen in it’s 80 year history?

A lot has happened in the 80 years that K&W has been in business. From movie production to space travel, so much has changed! Thankfully, some things will never change, like K&W's homestyle cooking. We make our recipes from scratch, just like we always have. Whatever is happening in the world around us, you can always count on K&W for good food at a reasonable price.

Can you think of some other major events in the last 80 years?

1) World War II

K&W was open before the entire beginning and end of WWII. That's big enough for the #1 slot on this list.

2) Man walked on the moon

This is one of the coolest moments of the 20th century, in our opinion. K&W was already 32 years old when this monumental event happened.

3) And all space travel/exploration for that matter...

We didn't even see a photograph of the Earth from space until 1946, when K&W was in business for 9 years already. This is years before Sputnik ushered in the Space Age, and decades before Hubble would return images like this from deep space.

4) Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz were released

K&W saw such timeless classics as these be released in 1939.  Gone With The Wind became the iconic image for every fiery love affair. The Wizard of Oz goes on to boast some of the most loved songs in movie history, still to this day!

5) Invention of color TV

It would probably blow younger generations' minds, but TV wasn't always in color! The change to color TV was gradual, but many consider the start to be 1950, when the FCC approved the first color television. K&W was celebrating turning just 13 years old!

6) Kennedy Was Assassinated

Many who experienced this day still remember what they were doing at the moment they found out their president had been shot. This is not a happy event, but one that shaped our history. K&W was 26 years old.

7) Civil Rights 1964

Speaking of Kennedy, it was he who called for this legislation in a 1963 civil rights speech. He asked for a law "giving all Americans the right to be served in facilities which are open to the public—hotels, restaurants, theaters, retail stores, and similar establishments." K&W has always been ready to change with the times, and welcomed this progress eagerly.

8) Computers came into existence (and the internet)!!

It is hard to imagine a world without the internet, let alone a world without computers! How did businesses even function without them?? If you use the year personal computers were introduced to the public, K&W had already been operating without them for 38 years.

9) Cell Phones

Cell phones revolutionized communication. Today, early cell phones would be just a rudimentary relic compared to the computers we carry in our pockets. In fact, your smart phone has more computing power than NASA had the year they sent man to the moon.  Now phones can find the nearest K&W in seconds... just saying.

K&W Cafeterias, Inc.  is celebrating 80 years in 2017. From August 14th -17th, K&W will show their appreciation for customers, with random gift card, Build-A-Meal and catering giveaways. . Throughout the week, customers can enter to win the Grand Prize, a full service catering for up to 80 people. 

Founded in 1937, K&W Cafeterias continues to be family-owned and operated by the founder’s descendants. Generations have grown up eating at K&W with their families.  Many now-grown children fondly remember pushing their tray down the serving line, making their own food choices, and experiencing the friendly serving ladies and delicious home-style southern food of K&W.   Dax Allred, President of K&W stated, “Our 80th Anniversary Celebration will pay tribute to the generations of loyal customers who have made this hallmark possible.  It’s an honor to know that they continue to choose K&W as their favorite place to dine with their families.”


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